the basic idea:

a transcontinental weblog between two friends


February 07, 2002

and the transcontinental posting begins. so last night, being the slacker that i am, i skipped my trademark class and instead went home, at a tv dinner (oh yeah) and tuned into some syndicated buffy. buffy, of course, being oddly relevant to my life on a daily basis. anyway, it reminded me that however much new york may suck on a regular basis, my surrogate willow is only a phone call, email, or (ok, yet to actually be written) letter away.

and while france may not technically be "where they make gileses" i do recall some really good sandwiches there. hmpfh. "look! i've got bread!" (sorry heid, too much eddie of late...)

ok, so this could very well be a bi-continental disaster, but we are (eek) attempting a transcontinental weblog. you know, because we never made enough of a mess when we were in the same country, now with one little ftp maneuver ("helga, helga, wake up! i want to show you my maneuver") we can simulateneously sully not one but two entirely separate timezones. yes, ladies and gentlemen: we have arrived.