the basic idea:

a transcontinental weblog between two friends


February 13, 2002

hi, my name is deborah, and i'm a freak.

i just sent heidi, my bestest of friends, the willow to my buffy, the sally to my gilly, the diana to my anne, and, come to think of it, the anne to my diana ... i just sent her sixteen emails. yes, sixteen.

to be fair, they were not all emails. some were "exhibts," and there was both a prelude and a conclusion. nevertheless, when young heidi next check her email, she will officially be brough up to speed on all the drama this side of the atlantic. at least all the relevant stuff. they included chapters on the changing landscape, modern warfare, contemporary education, and even the general social order. it was all quite profound.

one issue of particular note is the quandry over a random email i got from another website i have. because of a movie i'd forgotten existed up till the email. peculiar. just from the email, i believe we all would say - sounds spiffy. who could be better for deborah?

i mean, he's the right sign, the right kiersey temperment, he's just far enough away to be interesting and he's fearless enough to email me, freakish enough to tell me things like his sign and temperment, while still savvy enough to not sound psychotic. i find the whole thing quite amusing, and while normally i never reply to these things, i wonder ...

why the hell not?

and yes, heidi dear - i changed the layout of the weblog. i like the changing colors. i find them necessary. plus it made you type the word "idiosyncratic" which i find oddly amusing for no real reason ... and i'll bet the yf just thought you were "sweat." i guess he found out that your really a cold, heartless ... nevermind.

Idiosyncratic bunny changed the layout of this here weblog. Have you noticed how the colors change? Very freaky.

Hi, my name is Heidi and I'm addicted to books. I've been in Paris for 5 months and finally broke down and went to an english language bookstore yesterday. I have been reading for the past 5 months, mind you. I brought along a stock of books and I've had friends and family who visit carry a few tomes in their suitcases. Hey, books aren't a security hazard, at least not in the traditional sense.

Anyway, back to the point of the bookstore foray. I'm reading the back of a book when this young fellow (yf) sidles up next to me. Here follows an excerpt of our scintillating conversation:

yf: What are you doing?
me: Looking at a book. (duh, it's a bookstore)
yf, pulling a book off the shelf and looking at it: This book is in English. Are all the books in English?
me: Yes. (it's a fucking english bookstore, ya dope.)
yf: Do you read english?
me: yes. (no, like you I'm hanging out here trying to make an ass of myself.)
yf: Want to come to the park with me?
me: Sorry I have to meet someone (this was actually true)
yf: Ah, well, how about you give me your number.
me: I don't have a phone. (okay, so this is a lie)
yf: I'll give you mine then.
me: Yeah, no, my boyfriend would be probably be jealous (also a lie, but sounds convincing don't it?)
yf: Okay, bye.

Right-e-o. Here's my question, did yf think this was actually going to work? And, what would have happened in the park?

February 12, 2002

Ahem. according to the people at emode have just enlightened me with the following inisght into my [lack of a] love life:
Loving Too Much is your primary love story! The Loving Too Much story stems from your overflowing love and hope. Sometimes, however, it can be muddied by misguided feelings, expectations and sometimes, an unrequited desire.

The people you're most attracted to are usually just out of reach and all the more alluring for it — like those early crushes on teen idols. The less available your partner is, emotionally and physically, the more desirable he becomes.

You daydream, and your imagination fills in the details that reality hasn't provided. Do you ever seek out indirect contact with this person, visiting his workplace or getting to know his friends? Do you find yourself dreaming about marriage after a second date, or perhaps after a quick affair? The hit film "Fatal Attraction" illustrates an extreme version of the Loving Too Much story — taking it to abnormal levels. What it doesn't fully explore is the capacity for love that you probably possess.
for the love of god, people, this is not helpful. i already knew most of this, and had worked up a healthy wall of denial. and now i'm supposed to pay the bargian price of $14.95 to find out just what i'm supposed to do about this.

yeah, because the first time around was so freakin' helpful. damnit. in fact, just on principle: damn all personality tests.

February 11, 2002

I spilled wine on my laptop. Either he (yes, my laptop is a boy) is a wine snob, or being american would have prefered coke, or bud. In any case, the keyboard went on strike (obviously, the french influence.) So, I went to darty, a french appliance store, and purchased an external keyboard. Problem solved. Oh, mais non. I left all my computer stuff at my parents' house, so my american laptop does not recognize the french keyboard layout, which makes typing a real challenge. I've spent the last half hour cutting out little bits of paper and taping them onto the keys. Not a big deal, except that I'm not chock full 'o dexterity. In any case, I'm tres happy to be able to use monsieur laptop. Just wish I could use that nifty euro symbol on my 'e' key.

As an aside, have you ever seen tipsy french people play twister? It's fun-ee.