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April 04, 2002


I want a llama, or two. I'd also like a seal, a giraffe, a rooster and a cow. I'd keep the llama(s) and giraffe together. I think they'd make good companions. The cow and rooster would have more or less free range and the seal would live in the bathroom. Now, most people think this is a joke, but some people realize that I'm actually quite serious, about the llama at least.

This morning, I went to the post office to pick up what I thought was a letter from my mother. Ah, but no, it was a big box that was quite light. The green customs sticker on the front said 'stuffed animal.' Hmmm. Back home, I opened up the package and behold a LLAMA. Yes, indeedy, Ms. Deborah had mailed me my very own llama. Isn't she swell?

April 03, 2002

Gare du Nord, Episode 1

I get off the metro and am heading up towards the 'grande lignes' tracks when I hear a rucus by the metro ticket booth. A tall, black man is asking for information and getting no answer. He's getting mildly upset and people are staring, as people will. 3 CRS (cops) grab the man and pull him away from the ticket booth. The man begins to explain that all he wanted was information. The CRS begin pushing him around, he gets more upset. One cop tells him not to take 'that tone' with him. Another cop pushes the man in the chest. I have my camera in my bag and think, should I take a photo? Should I say something? As I'm trying to decide, the CRS have somehow managed to slam the guy up against a metal door and his bag falls to the floor. He begins repeating, almost hysterically, 'I need to get to work, I need to get to work.' Like a wimp, I head up the stairs away from the confrontation. A few minutes later I head back to the ticket booth to see what has happened. To my surprise and great pleasure, a middle aged woman with shopping bags is bitching out the CRS. Good.

While waiting for the track to pop up on the board, 3 CRS (they travel in 3s) confront a man of arab descent, ask for his ID and ask him to follow them.

Metro 1, Episode 1

I'm heading out to La Defense on the metro. It's the tail end of rush hour and the metro is crowded with business folk. All of a sudden I hear two men shouting threats at each other. A man in a suit and 2 women accompanying him are arguing with a middle aged man. The three are from the south of france. Swears are bandied about on both sides. One of the women attempts to seperate the men and gets called all sorts of charming names for her trouble. All the while, arms are flailing about, but no punches connect. It's a lame ass fight between overgrown schoolboys. Pathetic, but pretty hilarious first thing in the morning.

Gare du Nord, Episode 2

Once again, I'm hanging out in the train station waiting for the track to be posted. A lumberjack looking man, obviously drunk, holding a tallboy, begins swerving towards a train engine. He opens one of the doors, climbs in, does something and leaves, swerving and shouting drunkenly. Sparks shoot out of the antennae things on the top of the engine and the motor starts turning. Intriguing. A second man carrying a backpack enters the engine, deposits his bag and leaves carrying a leather satchel. Okee dokee, I'm beginning to get a little freaked. About 20 minutes later a whole squadron of security agents show up and scurry about. Finally, 2 enter the engine, billyclubs drawn. More scurrying and one agent exits with a metal box that looks rather like a a car battery. The motor stops and more agents show up. They remind me of the keystone cops, lots of them, not much gets done. After another look inside, they leave.

Addendum to the list

The jogging pants look is equivalent to the homeboy look.